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Interesting Links


Druze Community Organizations


Based in Toronto, Ontario. The web site is used to promote cultural knowledge of history and provide a look into the organization's structure, events and beliefs

Preserves and enhances the Druze faith and traditions within the Druze communities in the United States

Established to help the community grow stronger and closer. Check out the events, links and different YDP chapters

Formed to build a unified, diversified and benevolent Druze community in Michigan. Check out the many links, pictures and events!

Druze Organizations and People


Non-profit, philanthropic organization for public service

The life, works, and awards of this master of Arabic Calligraphy

Did you know that his real name is Kemal Amen Kasem ?

Did you also know he is Druze ?

A great singer, composer and actor: his life, songs, and video clips

Educational Organizations


Druze Research and Publications Institute

Undertakes systematic and coherent research in all aspects of Druze history

Institute of Druze Studies

Provides information on Druze history, society, and faith

Related Readings


Intercom Online

"The Druzes: One Thousand Years of Tradition and Reform" by Dr. Samy Swayd

Religious Tolerance

"Druse, Druze, Mowahhidoon" by B. A. Robinson

Encyclopedia of the Orient

"Druze" by Tore Kjeilen


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